The Expert

Ed Bogle, Senior Strategist

In working closely with entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions in market seizing strategy and brand execution, Ed has more than 30 years of strategic and marketing consulting experience.

Ed has received advanced certification in and was a principal in the development of Arthur Young's strategic planning and management methodologies. He severed several years as senior practice leader in Arthur Young's (Ernst & Young) Southwest Strategic Management Consulting Practice working extensively with the Entrepreneurial Services Group to connect human performance and business strategy.

He has worked with and served as a coach to two of Inc Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year regional winners and has worked with three companies in Inc Magazine's 100 Fastest growing companies in the US. His work encompasses firms ranging from start-ups and emerging entities to the Global 50 enterprises. His work includes breakthrough thinking for high growth strategies, turnarounds, acquisitions and mergers, and capital formation. He has spent recent years working closely with and coaching companies on "social entrepreneurship."

Ed also serves as Senior Faculty and Board Member of the entrepreneurial acceleration forum CEO Space, ranked as the best entrepreneurial program by Forbes Magazine. He is a contributing author for Performance Magazine and several other business publications.

Ed is a contributing author for the book, "The Law of Business Attraction," and "Amazing Workplace".

The Focus Strategic Framework Process

The process is designed to walk through several key components each delivering a distinct strategic response.

The foundation creates the basic understanding of the market in which the company operates and further develops the groundwork for the further brand strategy and market advantage. It is designed to "leverage forward" the company while building the basis for "leapfrog" and defensible positioning for the future. The migration of strategy drives the art form of building mega brands.

The Framework is a communication document that establishes the linkages between the Company's Vision, Values, Mission and Grand Strategy and the Company's strategic action plans.   It serves as the driving force behind operational planning and resource allocation.  It is "an agenda for leadership."   It serves as the focal point from which to view changes in the external and internal environment, assess opportunities and new ventures and is the guiding document for "renewing" strategic value over time. It is a tool from which to evaluate projects or significant undertakings for strategic "fit." It should keep decisions focused within the context of the vision, mission and strategy of the company.


Market Evaluation
Team Questionnaire
Executive Interviews
Workshop Preparation
Preliminary Models
Competitor Models


Brand Value/Identity
Collective Vision - Strategy
Strategic Options
Business Model
Alliances/Channel Partners
Priorities and Focus


Strategic Framework
3 Phased Growth Plan
Business Model
Economic Engine Model
Brand Map
Risk Analysis – Mitigations


"Rear View Mirror"
Changes in Environment
Strategic Adjustments


Based on over 35 year of experience, ideationEDGE can guide your strategy development, educating you on strategic principles and defining your key elements to a great strategy.

Strategic Planning

Ed was one of the core architects for the Focus Strategic Framework (a single page Framework) process for Arthur Young (Ernst & Young) Southwest Region. This framework has been adapted to numerous entrepreneurial firms and builds and captures strategy, maps brand development, defines operations (competencies and capabilities), and sets up for management and migration of strategy.

Market Mastery and Brand Strategy

Having an educational background in market research, statistical processes and consumer behavior, ideationEDGE has completed and supervised many market studies and focus group processes. From this background of consumer behavior, they have adapted the strategic process to include an "immersion" processes to assist clients in the development of brand positioning and value proposition development.

Alliance and Channel Partner Development

Alliances accelerate business growth and bottom line results. Collaborative models are critical in the ever changing, global business landscape.

Capital Formation

ideationEDGE has significant experience in development and definition of needed capital and capital risk mitigation. They have worked with a number of companies and capital sources in development of strategy, business plans, presentations, capital requirements and risk mitigations.

Coaching and Mentoring

Ed coached and mentored many CEOs in building their strategies and managing change. He has developed an extensive rolodex of national and international resources to solve and accelerate businesses. He has taught at the collegiate level and provided training in numerous settings in strategic planning, management and migration, market seizing strategies, alliances and channel partners, capital acquisition, pricing, and sales strategies.